Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Sunnyvale, California

Located in Sunnyvale, California, Comcast’s new 31,000 square foot Silicon Valley Innovation Center provides space for the company’s entrepreneurial arm to build new products that change how people connect to entertainment, information, and their

communities. Needing an innovative and cool space for the rapidly growing Sunnyvale team, Comcast partnered with Design Blitz to create a cutting-edge, collaborative new office.

‘Red Zone’ stand-up areas incorporate all red finishes, including red white-board glass, and prevent users from interrupting traffic flows.

The Comcast team is an especially bright and collaborative group, preferring to work in an open office environment which they refer to as their ”innovation floor.”

Cool, muted colors prevail over the space, with vibrant pockets of red throughout. Reflecting Comcast’s origins as a cable provider, the design of the space takes cues from a two-dimensional electrical wiring diagram. Red paths run across the floor using in the pattern of wires and serve as way-finding guidelines.

The architects further extrapolated the pattern into a three-dimensional form, creating red hooded structures which divide the space and provide alternate collaboration and meeting areas.

A circuit board of carpet patterns directs new users to meeting and social spaces.

While the new Innovation Center is tech-centric, it was important for the project to incorporate green technology and be environmentally friendly. Materials with multiple uses were selected

throughout, such as ones that had privacy, acoustic, and aesthetic functions. The project has received LEED Gold certification.


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