Comcast Expansion
Sunnyvale, California

Located in the Moffett Towers, a Class-A Office and R&D complex in Sunnyvale, Comcast’s Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) rapidly expanded from their existing space into the second floor of an adjacent building. The innovation and development center is designed as a development and collaboration space to build products that change

how people connect to entertainment, and information bringing together the best in media and technology. Comcast worked with Blitz to create a space that would carry over the previous project’s themes of open office space and interactive collaborative zones while creating a uniquely curated space for the development teams.

“The attention to detail and the subtle design touches make this space feel timeless.”
- Ruth Dawson, Senior Vice President, Comcast Innovation Labs & General Manager, Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Each floor of the SVIC has a signature color and unique design. The second floor emphasizes shades of green with “British Racing Green” as the primary color. The signature color is layered against complimentary hues of spring green and chartreuse and create a playful contrast to dark rich

accents of charcoal and black. Varied materiality and rich textures define the office landscape. Graphic films, patterned tile, moss walls, and wall coverings create a patterned variance that draws the eye through the space.

The work cafe is the primary focal point of the office. Located adjacent to the elevator entrance, the cafe serves as a coffee and snack resource kitchen for the Comcast staff and a natural gathering space for staff and their guests. An angular soffet hangs lightly above the cafe island

and creates an intimate and residential-like experience. A variety of seating from bar height tables along the windows, to small cafe tables, to island stools provide places for people to work and grab a cup of coffee.

Transitioning from exterior private offices into interior private offices allowed individual workstations to be organized along the windows maximizing daylight for staff. Semi-private, glass-enclosed lounges break up the open office into smaller more intimate neighborhoods. Each lounge is identified through a colorful custom glass film that creates a more private work area and serves as

wayfinding tool to mark where you are within the floor. Conference rooms ranging from 1-2 person huddle rooms to 6-10 person meeting rooms are filled with a variety of meeting tables, couches, lounge chairs, and residential touches that support the various ways people want to work and collaborate. Wall coverings emulating birch wood or layered concrete provide a dynamic, textural layer.

Ribbons of deep green wrap the building’s central core and serve as a shelf beneath whiteboards along the corridors to promote informal and spontaneous collaboration.

Angled hallways create unique and interactive connections across the floor with semi-enclosed collaborative spaces that promote collision and interaction between staff.


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