Academic Innovation Studio
UC Berkeley, California

Located in Dwinelle Hall at UC Berkeley, the Academic Innovation Studio (AIS) is a space to support instructors across the entire campus with tools, spaces, and services related to changes in teaching with technology.

Blitz was tasked with turning a dark and dreary space with low ceilings, cubicles, and a generally grey color scheme into a bright, comfortable, and unique workspace for faculty and staff.

Soft seating, work tables, and a large communal table for casual meetings create an energetic, multi-use space. The studio is fully equipped with power and wifi throughout to support the mobile worker.

AIS is centered in the heart of campus near the library with hundreds of students passing through daily.

Bold paint colors including Berkeley’s distinctive brand color were incorporated into the design providing light and warmth.

In order to create a more welcoming and open threshold, the design team added a transparent entry with a strong visible connection to the public corridor.

The range of instructional support in this new central space will be key for emerging instructor needs and professional development for the changing context at UC Berkeley.

The support space features a large training room and several small conference rooms as part of the studio. The design team took isolated spaces (office suites and a training room) and created one large collaborative space for alternate working environments with increased user flexibility, equal access to light and views, and shared resources.

The central room can accommodate large groups and can be reconfigured in different ways depending on the event. Part of the future vision was to create a culturally open environment, moving away from perimeter private offices and a cubicle environment into a completely open office workspace, a significant transition for UC Berkeley.

Instructors can now record lectures over slides with new recording studios, postively impacting the student experience.


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