“Blitz just really “got us”. From initial concept and design through execution and seeing it come to life, they found unique ways to capture our culture and values in our new space. Plus, they were an all-around fun team to work with. Creative, solutions focused, and fun… You really couldn’t ask for anything more!”

-Michelle Kemling, Senior Director, Talent Development, Twilio

Love From Westport Capital Partners

“It was our pleasure to work with Blitz again after our successful collaboration on 1019 Market.

They did a great job revitalizing both buildings. The transformation of 7000 Marina was truly impressive.”

- Russell Bernard, Managing Principal, Westport Capital Partners

Kudos From Pembroke Real Estate

“Our new lobby at 100 California Street has become a welcoming and active amenity space for tenants and a showpiece in our global portfolio. Blitz’s in-depth research of the property’s historical context and analysis of competitive Class-A buildings were the foundation for the conceptualization and rebranding of our entry experience and lobby.

The revitalized lobby and new EOT center have been instrumental to our reintroduction of the new 100 Cal to the market and enhancing the property experience for our tenants.”

- Andrew Dankwerth, Senior Vice President, Pembroke Real Estate

Credit From Audentes Therapeutics

“We chose this space because it’s expansive, with sight lines across the entire floor. Blitz recognized the importance of the connectivity the space permits and made it operational.

The space elicits creativity in quick conversations as well as serious discussions. Mission accomplished, thanks to Blitz.”

- David Nagler, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, Audentes Therapeutics

“Testament to Blitz’ devotion to creating a space that reflects what we want and who we are, rather than some idealized design intended to please only themselves, shows every day in the pleasure we all have in coming to work here. The space is alive but not distracting and truly contributes to the culture we work hard to maintain.”

-Jeffrey Gruis, Coordinator, Audentes Therapeutics

Praise For 100 California

“The tenants are raving about the new lobby! It is so clean and spacious. They asked if it was expanded because the space looks so much bigger!

As soon as furniture was installed, people were using it and, within the first hour, there was a full on conference happening at the banquette. Everyone said it was a day and night difference and well worth the wait.”

- Julie Venegas, Assistant Property Manager

“Our new office looks awesome. It’s a game changer that sets us miles apart from the pack.”

-Marcin Kleczynski, Chief Executive Officer, Malwarebytes

Kudos from Malwarebytes

“Blitz created a space that feels perfectly curated and branded to our culture. From our favorite Star Wars quotes adorning the walls, to the hidden

galaxy alcoves situated between desk neighborhoods, there are so many details that make this space feel uniquely ours.”

- Jason Saham, Talent Acquisition, Malwarebytes

Credits From SignalFx

“The Blitz team gave life to our very specific vision.

We wanted our culture and values to be visibly evident in the office design and they helped us make that a reality.”

- Rachel Winningstad, SignalFX

“The San Francisco new sales and marketing site for Microsoft is a technology showcase in the heart of the Financial District. We chose this location for the proximity to our customers; as well as, for the dramatic interiors of the space itself and visibility from the street. The end result met our goals and then some with a workspace to support a highly mobile workforce, and a world class facility to engage with our customers.”

– Brenda Ball, Regional Workplace Strategist, Microsoft

Kudos From Instacart!

“Blitz took a impossibly fast schedule with a complex program and infused it with a design that feels timelessly rooted in the Instacart brand and mission. The team went above and beyond to create social spaces that feel welcoming and provide our staff with opportunities to work in a variety of settings.

The project is a success because the designers took time to immerse themselves in our culture, listen to our needs and wants, and develop creative and custom design solutions that really make our space feel special. The office captures the quirky Instacart way without dissolving into gimmicks or kitsch. We couldn’t be happier.”

- Shevelle Pratt, Facilities and Real Estate Manager, Instacart

Love From Expensify

“Blitz completed the design for our space in a record time, incorporating our brand through travel themes, AIGA symbols, and custom items that we love.

They chose furniture that allows our space to be reconfigurable for all types of events as well as private meetings. Blitz created a personalized office that caters to our unique company culture and global brand.”

- Alexandra Revelli, Expensify

Credits From Zillow

“Everyone loves the space!

Thanks for working with us on such a short timeline.”

- Owen Santos, Facilities Manager, Zillow


“New Relic is lucky to have our headquarters in beautiful San Francisco and we wanted our office have an authentic feel of the city. Blitz helped us add a layer of branding and culture and made our space feel true to its San Francisco roots.They paid close

attention to the details, from furniture to finishes to lighting, and were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire design process. We love the sense of delight and variety of unique spaces they have created for our team.”

- Devorah Rosner, Sr. Manager, Admin and Facility Ops, New Relic

Praise from CPP

“Blitz was wonderful to work with. They captured our desires and transformed them into a space that is inspirational and exciting, a space full of renewing energy that is helping us to transform our organization while still keeping a warm and inviting atmosphere to match our company culture.

With practical advice and creative solutions, Blitz reduced our per-person footprint while also addressing individual department needs, and the result is an office that truly has something for everyone. We love our cheerful, sophisticated new space and are excited to call it our new home.”

- Anne Tartaglia, VP, Operations, CPP, Inc.

What a fantastic space! I’ve rarely walked into offices that reflect a company so well. This design brings together our Danish roots and our core brand principles – light, airy, humble, charming – into one beautifully simple space. We couldn’t be happier with the design team and our new workplace brand.

– Ainsley Hill, Senior Manager, Global Facilities, Zendesk

Kudos from Chartboost

“Blitz made our space a true reflection of the Chartboost culture. From our open, collaborative space to the fun themed rooms, our office is fun yet functional. The design of the space has brought out what a joy it is to work here!

We are happy to have partnered with an architectural firm that translated the complexity of design into a place that employees and visitors simply do not want to leave. Their amazing attitude and team made this project an amazing experience.”

- Tiffany Owyang, Manager of Workplace, Chartboost


“With Blitz’s help, we carefully assessed our operational requirements and designed a workplace that looks attractive and professional, fosters collaboration, enhances our brand, and provides staff with a variety of workspace options.

We were also able to occupy a smaller per person footprint than our previous space. In the San Francisco market, using space wisely translates into significant cost savings. We love our new suite and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Blitz to anyone.”

- Clare Hansen-Shinnerl, Chief Operating Officer, Pacific Business Group on Health

Kudos from Optimizely

“Blitz added a great layer of personalization and branding to our new space in SoMA. They were able to integrate with our building architect seamlessly and work together to create a beautifully functional space.

We’re thrilled with how fun and sophisticated our new home is. As a team that is growing quickly, the new space is a great recruitment tool and provides an amazing space for our team to come to work.”

- Lauren Puff, Operations Manager, Optimizely

Kind Words from SquareTrade

“The team at Blitz was fantastic to work with. We had a very tight timeline, with only a little over 4 months to complete both design and construction, and Blitz delivered on every milestone. Despite the short timeline, Blitz was able to dig into how our team works to create a functional and cool space.

They were able to iterate quickly and effectively throughout the entire process and create a layered and holistic workplace for the SquareTrade team. The space has signaled a new era for our team in San Francisco and we look forward to many great years here!”

- Steve Abernethy, President and CEO, SquareTrade

“I love the way our new office turned out and appreciate how all the design elements have come together. It’s exactly what I was hoping for when we first met. It’s open, collaborative, energizing, contemporary and professional. Well done!”

– Peter Micciche, CEO, Certain, Inc.

Love from Mulesoft

“Melissa and her team at Blitz were amazing from start to finish. We had a very tight timeline and a tight budget. Melissa really dug into how we work, how we wanted to utilize the space, and the culture we wanted to convey. She came up with an excellent layout and then added many interesting and fun details and ideas into the mix.

She kept an eye on the budget throughout, while advocating for important design elements along the way. We receive a constant stream of compliments about our office from both visitors and employees, and we couldn’t be happier with our new home.”

- Greg Schott, President and CEO, Mulesoft

Kudos from Zaarly!

“Hiring Blitz to design our new San Francisco HQ was a solid decision! We felt involved and integrated in the design process and always at ease because we knew Blitz was taking care of our project.  They designed, managed and implemented the most Zaarly space for us in only a few short weeks (including two holidays!).  They really went the extra mile to get the job done – and done right.

It’s hard to call our new HQ an office; it’s like no office we’ve ever worked in. Comfortable, elegant, and eclectic in all the right ways – it’s such a pleasure working in the space they’ve created. We look forward to working with them again as we grow.”

- Matthew Smith & Marco Suarez Creative Director and Lead Designer respectively, Zaarly, Inc

“I love what Blitz has created in our new space. They guided us through the design and implementation process and turned a barren office wasteland into a space that everybody loves to come to each day. Melissa and her team are communicative, understanding, and consummately professional. Our office feels modern yet authentic to its SoMa roots.”

– John Collison, Co-Founder, Stripe


“We hired Melissa and Seth for the redesign of our 4200 sq ft office space in San Francisco (SOMA), and I could not have been happier with the experience. Although we had a relatively tiny budget and a timeline of only about 6 weeks, they turned a boring and empty space into a vibrant, dynamic office that our employees love to visit each day. They listened closely to what we wanted (and even invited opinions directly from our staff), and gave us more. They were happy to use all of our existing furniture, and worked with us to purchase complimentary and affordable pieces that we can take with us when we move to our next office space in a few years.

Beyond their obvious skill and creative intuition, Melissa and Seth were a joy to work with. Their passion for their work is apparent, and they were always on point and energetic. I never had to ask twice for something, and they delivered as promised on every aspect of this job. They even negotiated with a difficult contractor (several times) on my behalf so that I didn’t have to worry. I would absolutely hire Melissa and Seth for any project I have to do. Ever. Seriously, I’m almost looking forward to the next time we have to move, just so I can bring them on board again.”

-Kim Weisberg, Office Manager


- Jon Wheatley, Founder DailyBooth, Inc.


- Brian Pokorny, CEO DailyBooth, Inc.

“Thank you both for all of your hard work and keeping the process flying along. I think most previous projects have crawled through what you two have accomplished in the last few weeks.”

- Susanne Houston, Property Manger McDaniel and Associates

Santa Rosa Veterans Affairs Clinic

“Between meetings I was able to call Seth at any time to bounce ideas or discuss any urgent matters. In every instance I found Seth Hanley to be responsive and willing to solve problems quickly and creatively. I have been very pleased with the embodiment of Seth’s design, the building in which I now work. The abstract concepts that we had, which he brought to life, really have made a workable, enjoyable space.”

This is not the first time I have been involved in a clinic activation with the VA. The other architects I worked with in a VA Clinic activation couldn’t begin to compare with the creative and innovative architectural skills that Seth brings to the table for designing medical office space. He brought a level of professionalism, follow-through and quality performance to our collaboration which made it truly memorable.”

- Audrey Stephens, Clinic Director Santa Rosa VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic

“Seth Hanley’s efforts resulted in a first class Medical Facility in Santa Rosa that will allow the VA to offer area veterans the increased services of Dental, Physical Therapy, X-ray, eye care, dermatology procedures, analytical laboratory capabilities, Audiology, Mental Health, and Clinical care.”

- Todd Greene, P.E. Chief, Projects Section San Francisco VA Medical Center

Santa Rosa Community Health Centers

“You were a great resource for Southwest as we thought through our program planning and building design. You listened carefully to our vision for health care as well as practical needs, offered

great insights and ideas, and were always available to assist.”

- Naomi Fuchs, Chief Executive Officer, Santa Rosa Community Health Centers

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