Our clients are our friends; we advocate for them and, in return, we earn their trust. Their projects are our projects.

The Bottom Line: The quality of the spaces we inhabit impacts the quality of our lives. Our experience with the built environment contributes to our sense of well being and influences everything from our ability to learn to our ability to heal.

It’s expensive to build and there are environmental consequences also. So we should spend the time and invest the energy getting it right.

We work with teams

At Blitz we build teams around projects. We will assemble a group of qualified design professionals to meet the needs of each unique project, drawing on our strong relationships in the Bay Area.

It’s a collaborative model that may include engineers, artists, designers, and even other architects. This allows us to moderate our overhead while still delivering the highest quality product at an accessible price.

Evolution as process

Churning out what you’ve always done won’t just yield the same results, it will leave you and your project behind in an ever-changing world. We find it irresponsible to not try things simply because you haven’t done them before. Furthermore, though we appreciate the compliment, you don’t want what we did last year because we’re already doing something better, more efficient and more effective.

We fully believe in allowing the unexpected, even unwanted, events to change you. You have to be willing to grow, and growth is different from something that happens to you. You produce it. The pre-requisites for growth: the openness to experience events and the willingness to be changed by them. This goes for our projects as well. We delight in the process of discovery.

Research is perhaps the most important component of every project. This research spans the gamut, from understanding our clients’ businesses to finding a material’s full potential.

Success means balancing budget, schedule, and quality, and in the 21st Century, environment. Project sustainability starts with keeping projects lean, both in terms of square feet and materials. Preferably materials are selected for their ability to perform multiple tasks (as structure, as finish, and as something else). Sourcing materials that are non-poisonous, produced sustainably and delivered with minimal transportation impacts is also important. Preferably materials are selected from manufacturers who take ownership of them for the life of the material (cradle to cradle). We include these practices as a base line in our projects.

At Blitz, we’re committed to technology

BIM (Building Information Modeling) isn’t new, and it certainly isn’t new to us and the consultants we work with. All our projects are completed using REVIT and we have demonstrated success in delivering projects using this technology. Buildings are complicated and every one is a proto-type.

Modeling each building in advance of construction affords the design team an opportunity to coordinate architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical information three dimensionally and to identify conflicts. Learn more at Autodesk’s website.

Skype HQ pictured, view project here.

Rollover plan to see the finished space

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